Mark Antman: The Photographic Genius at His Best


The field of photography is quite challenging and it requires a lot, more than technical prowess, it involves a lot of creative thinking and creative views. Dr. Mark Antman has made mark for himself in this profession not only as a successful photographer but also a entrepreneur who has made his presence felt in the “Big Apple” or New York City. He along with his long time friend and partner Alan Carey had started the Image Works studio in the New York City in the year of 1983, the studio had initially started as a small photo booth. But with the passage of time and the efforts put in by both Alan and Mark has seen it grow to a well known photographic studio not only in the New York area but also in the country. The studio has produced some of the best known works in the photographic industry and the clients of Image Works include some of the most well known national and multinational firms in the New York area and beyond.


Dr. Mark Antman was very focussed in his academic career as he had successfully earned a degree from the prestigious New York University in the subjects of Chemistry and Biology. All this was soon about to change as he would discover his interest in photography that would take him to the heights and make him the person as we know today. It was Mark’s decision to take part in a photography contest that had caught his attention, he was excited and ready for it as his new found interest had something good in store for him. In this competition he had gained a lot of experience and knowledge that would pave his way to the foundation of the Image Works Studio.


Most importantly he met his good friend and partner Alan Carey at the photography workshop. Mark and Alan had become very good friends and a good relation also developed into them; eventually they decide to start a studio of their own. All the work that is done at Image Works studios is quite unique and amazing, as they cover up any topic under the sun. Mark Antman is considered to be a great provider of amazingly, unique photos. Individuals, and companies alike, love to obtain all their photographs from Image Works and Mark Antman. He has provided the world with some of the most famous and attractive pieces of photographic art.


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